Welcome to Palm Greens Club and Resort, a beautiful and majestic paradise spreading over 40 acres filled with lush greenery and enchanting palm trees. Our haven features lakes adorned with blooming lotus flowers and sunshine dancing on the water like rainbows. We offer cozy cottages, luxurious villas, stylish suites, and comfortable rooms for you to relax and unwind.

Explore outdoor playgrounds and savour delightful cuisine at our restaurants and cafes. Discover a world where nature's wonders meet modern comfort at Palm Greens Club and Resort.


Mr. Daxesh Shah

Meet Shri. Daxesh Shah, the visionary managing director of Palm Greens Club & Resort. A self-made businessman and a stalwart in amusement & entertainment since 1999, Daxesh Shah is also the CMD of snesh resorts pvt. ltd. With expertise in handling people-oriented projects, he transformed india's first day-night water park, water city, into the magnificent Palm Greens Club. PGC is his brainchild and dream project, where he breathes life into every aspect through relentless effort and personal presence. Daxesh Shah's foresight and dedication are propelling Palm Greens Club to become the fastest-growing club in Gujarat.

Mr. Daxesh Shah

Managing Director


Mr. Daideep Shah

Meet Shri. Daideep Shah is our visionary director at Palm Greens Club & Resort. A B.Tech IT graduate with innate business acumen, Daideep propels our club's positive growth. His dedication and diligence elevate PGC to new heights in clubbing and entertainment. With a pulse on the latest trends, Daideep ensures PGC remains a beacon for the young generation. Experience the extraordinary journey led by this dynamic young visionary, shaping the future of our club. Welcome to a realm where youth, innovation, and excellence converge under the guidance of director Daideep Shah.

Mr. Daideep Shah


Our Happy Clients


I enjoyed being a member of Palm Greens Club, and it feels like I made a smart investment. I get access to amazing facilities like the swimming pool, mini gym, 24-hour cafe, and sports court. The best part is the exclusive discounts and perks on club events. I highly recommend Palm Greens Club for its excellent value for money.

- Sudhanshu

Wow, Palm Greens Club & Resort totally nailed our wedding! Everything was awesome, from the cool place to the yummy food and awesome service. The staff was super nice and made sure everything was perfect. We didn't have to stress at all because they took care of everything. Our friends and family loved it too! It was like a fairy tale wedding, and we're so happy we chose Palm Greens. Big thanks to them for making our day so special!

- Shweta

My day with friends at Palm Greens Club was amazing! When we arrived, everyone was so friendly. The views were beautiful, and there were lots of fun things to do. We could swim, play games, and eat yummy snacks. The staff made sure we had everything we needed all day. It was a great break from our usual routine. We're already thinking about when we can go back!

- Abhinav

Our company's annual meeting at Palm Greens Club was amazing! The staff set everything up perfectly. The projector was just right, and the seating was comfy. The high tea was delicious and served quickly, keeping us all energized. It's a great venue for corporate events, combining professionalism with a welcoming vibe. Highly recommend it!

- Abhinav Gupta

I had my daughter's birthday party at Palm Greens Club & Resort, and it was amazing! The staff were really friendly and made us feel welcome. They did everything to make sure we had a great time. The views were stunning, and the food was delicious. I would definitely tell anyone to check out Palm Greens Club if they want a fantastic experience!

- Anshu

I have been a member of Palm Greens Club for over two years now, and for my family, joining it has been the best investment. The club offers great discounts on various amenities, including rooms, food, and recreational activities. Additionally, as a member, we benefit from convenient booking options and early access to club events. It's an awesome deal for people who love luxury and having a great time! Weekends are now even better with discounts and exclusive customized offers given by Palm Greens Club.

- Meghna

My daughter's wedding was like a fairy tale, all thanks to Palm Greens Club and Resort! They helped us with everything, from the beginning to the end. The place where the wedding happened was really beautiful, and the food was super yummy! The people who worked there were like friends, always making sure everything was just right. We felt like we were with family, and we were really happy we chose them for such a big day. Palm Greens made our daughter's wedding awesome!

- Hemant Mehta

Our trip to Palm Greens Club was super fun! It felt calm and peaceful because of all the trees and plants. There were lots of fun games and activities to do outside, like swimming and sports courts. We were never bored! The food was yummy too, and it made our whole day even better. The people who worked there were really nice and helpful, and they made sure we had a great time. We already want to go back for another fun day trip with our family!

- Priyanshi

Hosting our corporate event at Palm Greens Club was a brilliant choice! The stage setup was impressive, providing a great backdrop. The dinner served was delicious, and the staff was highly professional. The seating arrangement was spot-on, fostering excellent interaction. We highly recommend Palm Greens Club for any event!

- Nitin Agarwal

My family and I recently stayed at Palm Greens Club & Resort for a weekend break, and it was amazing! The place was so peaceful, and the service was excellent. The staff really took care of us, from the friendly welcome when we arrived to make sure we had everything we needed in our rooms. It felt like they cared about making our stay special. We had such a wonderful time there, and we're already looking forward to going back again!

- Rajat

Our wedding at Palm Greens was like something out of a fairy tale! As soon as we saw the place, we knew it was perfect for our special day. Everyone who worked there was awesome, always happy to help and super friendly. The whole venue itself was amazing, with pretty gardens and fancy halls. The food was delicious too, so yummy that our friends and family couldn't stop talking about it! It was exactly the wedding we always wanted, and we're so happy Palm Greens helped make it come true!

- Himanshi

Our 1st anniversary at this resort was fantastic! The views were stunning, and the food was delicious. But what made it truly special was how friendly and helpful the management was. They made us feel really welcome and cared for during our stay. Palm Greens Club isn't just a place to enjoy it's like a combo of luxury and comfort. Thanks for making our celebration so memorable!

- Tushar

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