Shri. Daxesh Shah

Managing Director

daxesh_shahA self made Businessman & a veteran in the field of Amusement & Entertainment since 1999… Daxesh Shah is also the CMD of Snesh Resorts Pvt. Ltd. and has vast experience in handling ‘People Oriented Projects’.

Palm Greens Club is his ‘Brainchild’ and ‘Dream Project’ & He is infusing Life into it, with his relentless effort and personal presence. It is his endeavour & foresight which is spiraling Palm Greens Club to becoming the ‘Fastest Growing Club’ of Gujarat.


Shri. Girish Dani

Chairman : Advisory Board

girish_daniPopularly known as the “ CLUB KING of Gujarat ”… Shri Girish Dani as ‘Chairman’ of the Advisory Board, is a matter of ‘Pride’ for Palm Greens Club. His long tenure as the “Ex President” of KARNAVATI CLUB & His vast experience in the genre of CLUB CULTURE, makes him a natural leader in driving Palm Greens Club to spectacular heights.

Shri. Girish Dani’s penchant for perfection shall be a Leading Factor in making Palm Greens Club, a destination for the ‘Choosy Amdavadis’.


 Shri. Paresh Dani

Member : Advisory Board

paresh_daniAs the “Ex President” of Rajpath Club… One of the finest clubs of Gujarat,  Shri. Paresh Dani is well versed in the art of ‘Clubbing Mannerism’ & His valuable presence in the Advisory Board of Palm Greens Club will contribute handsomely to the growth & development in the days to come.

Shri. Paresh Dani lends His expertise & personal touch towards the expansion of our Club’s Amenities  & features on a regular basis.