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OUR JOURNEY : At a Glance

The original venture started by ‘Self made Businessman’ Mr. Daxesh Shah, turned into quite an Adventure during its’ journey which took off from 1998 on wards.

Launched as WATER CITY, it became very popular as India’s First Day – Night Water Park… Years later it morphed into it’s present Club-Resort status & is now fast gaining Name & Reputation as Gujarat’s Fastest Growing CLUB, RESORT & WEDDING DESTINATION – PALM GREENS CLUB.

Palm Greens Club has a sound background with 40 Acres of Prime Property, bang on India’s busiest highway N.H. 8, a plethora of Amenities & Avenues of Entertainment & Multifaceted Features, which makes its’ MEMBERSHIP worth every penny spent…

We @ PALM GREENS CLUB strongly believe that ‘Clubbing’ is one of the most ideal solutions for Relaxing, Rejuvenating & Socialising & it shall be our constant and tireless endeavour to make Palm Greens Club, ” The Place to be seen for All those Individuals & Families, who love their weekends & enjoy Clubbing immensely “.

Shri. Daxesh Shah

Managing Director

Managing Director – Shri. Daxesh Shah

A self made Businessman & a veteran in the field of Amusement & Entertainment since 1999… Daxesh Shah is also the CMD of Snesh Resorts Pvt. Ltd. and has vast experience in handling ‘People Oriented Projects’. From establishing India’s First DAY- NIGHT WATER PARK – aptly titled WATER CITY… to morphing it into the wonderful PALM GREENS CLUB, has been a long but satisfying journey. PGC is his ‘Brainchild’ and ‘Dream Project’ & He is infusing Life into it, with his relentless effort and personal presence. It is his endeavor & foresight which is spiraling Palm Greens Club to becoming the ‘Fastest Growing Club’ of Gujarat. 

Director – Shri. Daideep Shah

It is very important for the positive & vertical growth of any Organisation & specially when Entertainment & Clubbing is the ‘Business’… to have YOUNG BLOOD infused & Our Director Mr. Daideep Shah is just that. Armed with a B.Tech IT Degree & having Business in his Bloodstream since birth… Daideep lends credence to His position by sheer Hard work & diligence in taking PGC a few notches higher. CLUBBING & ENTERTAINMENT are way of life for the present young generation & they are fully aware of the Latest in Vogue. We @ PGC are surely benefiting from this Young Man, who is destined to carry this Wonderful Club way ahead in time to come.

Shri. Daideep Shah



To provide genuine heartfelt hospitality, that will engrave a unique experience in the heart and mind of every guest.


To be the guests’ first choice, by aiming to create everlasting memories through an unmatched personalised service.


We are guided, in our every action, by moral principles which are inspired by perpetual and unfading values.